Fusion Lining Services is a fabricator and installer of flexible geomembrane products serving all 50 states.  We have been in business for over 20 years, providing unmatched customer service and efficiency, insuring that installing secondary containment does not become the critical path of a project.

We install liners in a wide variety of areas, including; steel and concrete tanks, dikes, ponds and waste water treatment facilities.  Our applications range from small backyard ponds to turn key technical design and install projects.

In 2008, founders Paul and Tommye Ledbetter retired and sold the business to IMAC, Inc.  Paul and Tommy worked with IMAC to insure that the excellent service they provided did not change and with the help of Fusion’s experienced technicians, the transition was smooth and seamless.  Today, Fusion continues to be the installer of choice for many industrial companies across the country.


Our Customers:
ConocoPhillips & Chevron Refineries, pipelines & terminals 
Great Basin Ind.
Greenberry, Inc.
Integrated Service Co.
Jones & Frank
Rangeland Energy
Rocky Mountain Fab
Shell, Tesoro, & BP Refineries 
Sinclair Refinery
Skagit County, WA